National Annenberg Election Survey

The National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) examines a wide range of political attitudes about candidates, issues and the traits Americans want in a president.  It also has a particular emphasis on the effects of media exposure through campaign commercials and news from radio, television and newspapers. Additionally, it measures the effects of other kinds of political communication, from conversations at home and on the job to various efforts by campaigns to influence potential voters. Joining the NAES team for the 2008 presidential election was Richard Johnston, a political scientist and expert on public opinion and voting. Johnston served as co-director of the National Annenberg Election Survey with Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Diana C. Mutz. In May 2009, Johnston rejoined the faculty of the department of political science at the University of British Columbia.  The NAES concluded another successful presidential campaign cycle with the completion of the final wave of the Internet panel survey on January 31, 2009. The telephone portion of the survey was completed on November 12, 2009 with a post-election panel. In total, NAES completed interviews with 57,967 adults in the United States by telephone prior to Election Day, and 3,737 were interviewed during the post-election telephone panel phase. The online panel survey completed 95,464 interviews across the five waves beginning in October 2007. While the telephone and panel surveys generally consisted of different questions, both surveys measured beliefs, attitudes, intentions and behaviors relevant to the 2008 presidential campaigns. On September 16, 2010, the 2008 NAES telephone survey dataset became available on the APPC website. The 2008 online survey dataset became available here on December 8 of 2010.

    Q&A: Visiting scholar Olga Kamenchuk on public polling and international research

    Olga Kamenchuk, Ph. D., is a visiting scholar from the Moscow State University of International Relations, where she chairs the Sociology of Mass Communication department. She talks about her public polling work at VCIOM, the leading Russian opinion research center, her international research interests, and her work at APPC.

    2008 National Annenberg Election Survey Telephone and Online Data Sets

    The entire 2008 National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) telephone and online components are now available to scholars on this website. Adults in the United States were interviewed by telephone and online about their beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behavior relevant to the 2008 presidential campaigns. Telephone interviews were conducted with 57,967 respondents during the 2008 election

    Ken Winneg and Kathleen Hall Jamieson published in Presidential Studies Quarterly

    Ken Winneg, Ph.D., managing director of the National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES), and Annenberg Public Policy Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D., published an article, “Party Identification in the 2008 Presidential Election,” in Presidential Studies Quarterly (June 2010; published online April 2010) using data from the 2008 NAES telephone rolling cross-sectional survey and Internet Panel. Article abstract: In the