2008 National Annenberg Election Survey Telephone and Online Data Sets

    The entire 2008 National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) telephone and online components are now available to scholars on this website. Adults in the United States were interviewed by telephone and online about their beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behavior relevant to the 2008 presidential campaigns. Telephone interviews were conducted with 57,967 respondents during the 2008 election cycle; 3,737 were re-interviewed as part of a post-election telephone panel, also available on this site. The online panel was recruited by Knowledge Networks and consists of interviews with a nationally representative random sample of 28,985 respondents, covering a range of topics about the presidential campaign and politics generally, including candidates and political figures, current policy issues, media use, campaign discourse, political participation, and voting behavior. A section of questions about social groups focused on perceptions of race and gender in U.S. society. All online participants in a wave were invited to be re-interviewed for all subsequent waves; among the 28,985 NAES08-Online respondents, 23,033 participated in at least two NAES waves, and 10,472 participated in all five NAES waves. Respondents also participated in up to two profile waves to provide demographic and other background information.

    The available 2008 NAES data sets include the national rolling cross-section telephone survey and post-election telephone panel survey from 2008 and a 5-wave online panel, joining the already available 2000 and 2004 NAES data sets.

    Accessing Restricted NAES 2000, 2004, and 2008 Telephone Data
    As with the 2000 and 2004 NAES, sensitive data collected by telephone in 2008, such as geocodes that could potentially be used to identify individual respondents are excluded from these data sets. Access to these sensitive data are restricted to those conducting scientific and public policy research.  Those wishing to obtain these sensitive data must complete the Application Process as detailed at either of the following links:

    Sensitive data collected online in 2008 are not available.

    We strongly encourage you to read the entire application instructions as detailed at either link above. However, the following are direct links to the application and legal indemnity forms: