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Transatlantic Working Group Papers

Co-Chairs Reports Co-Chairs Reports from TWG’s Three Sessions: Ditchley Park, Santa Monica, and Bellagio. Freedom of Expression and Intermediary Liability Freedom of Expression: A Comparative Summary of United States and European Law B. Heller & J. van Hoboken, May 3, 2019. Design Principles for Intermediary Liability Laws J. van Hoboken & D. Keller, October 8,

Transatlantic Working Group Members

Transatlantic High Level Working Group at Bellagio, Italy (November 2019): (Bottom row, from left) Barbora Bukovská, Mark MacCarthy, Michael Chertoff, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Brittan Heller, Nico van Eijk (former co-chair), Susan Ness (co-chair), Heidi Tworek, Paddy Leerssen, Eileen Donahoe, and Laura Rosenberger. (Top row) Peter Pomerantsev, Michal Feix, Marietje Schaake (co-chair), John Frank, Peter Chase,