Research Data Sets

The Annenberg Public Policy Center conducts surveys and gathers data for research purposes. The policy center makes data sets available to scholars for academic research. To request access to the data sets or to learn more about them, click on the specified links in the column to the right, under Data Sets, or click here.

National Annenberg Survey of Youth Datasets – New Datasets Available

The NASY was first conducted in its present form in 2002, in the inaugural year of the Adolescent Risk Communication Institute of the APPC. The NASY expanded on prior surveys involving tobacco use to include questions on gambling, media use, positive youth activities, suicide risk and mental health, and stigma of mental disorder.

National Health Behavior Survey Data Now Available

Data from the Annenberg National Health Communication Survey (ANHCS) is now available to the public on a new website (  Core data from the 2005 ANHCS survey has been posted and will soon be updated to include 2006 core data and a user’s guide. The Annenberg National Health Communication Survey is designed to capture national

Survey Data Sets on Democratic Institutions Now Available

The Annenberg Public Policy Center is making its collected survey data on democratic institutions available to the research community. Any researcher or educator currently working in the field or in association with an accredited research institution may request a copy of the survey data. Any qualified researcher interested in obtaining the full data set for follow-up analysis