Catherine Aronowitz

Research Assistant, APPC

Lena Buford

Director of Finance, APPC

Joanne Cemini

Program Associate, LASFSF

Daniel Corkery

Writer/Producer, APPC

Monica Czuczman

Business Administrator, APPC

Tim Duff

Systems Administrator, APPC

Robert Farley

Deputy Managing Editor,

Leah Ferentinos

Research and Administrative Coordinator, APPC

Angelo Fichera

Staff Writer, - View Bio

Ruthie Fields

Web Developer, APPC

Gary Gehman

IT/AV/Web Director, APPC

D'Angelo Gore

Staff Writer, - View Bio

Peter Hart

Director, Voices of the Voters - View Bio

Lauren Hawkins

Research and Administrative Coordinator, APPC

Ellen Iwamoto

Director of Research Support Services, APPC - View Bio

Brooks Jackson

Director Emeritus, - View Bio

Patrick E. Jamieson Ph.D.

Director, AHRCI - View Bio

Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Director, APPC - View Bio

Eugene Kiely

Director, - View Bio

Sebastian Lemus-Camacho

Media Coder, AHRCI

Gail Levin Ph.D.

Director, LASFSF - View Bio

Emily Maroni

Research and Administrative Coordinator, APPC

Jalessa Mungin

Research and Administrative Coordinator, AHRCI

Darien Perez Ryan

Research Project Manager, AHRCI

Jean Possoff

General Administrative Assistant, APPC

Jeremy Quattlebaum

Videographer/Graphic Designer, APPC

Zachary Reese

Designer/Content Manager, APPC

Karen Riley

Communication Coordinator, APPC

Lori Robertson

Managing Editor, - View Bio

Dan Romer Ph.D.

Research Director, APPC - View Bio

Michael Rozansky

Director of Communications, APPC - View Bio

Vanessa Schipani

Science Writer, - View Bio

Saranac Hale Spencer

Staff Writer, - View Bio

Ilana Weitz

Coding Research Manager and Analyst, AHRCI

Ken Winneg Ph.D.

Managing Director of Survey Research, APPC - View Bio

Lana Xu

Administrative Coordinator, APPC