National Annenberg Survey of Youth

The National Annenberg Survey of Youth (NASY) was first fielded in 2002 with 900 young people ages 14 to 22. This in-depth telephone interview with a randomly selected sample of youth (including Spanish speakers) covers a range of both risky and protective behaviors as well as potential targets of intervention. The survey provides the only nationally representative picture of trends in youth gambling. Also covered are beliefs and attitudes regarding the stigma of mental illness, uses of media for entertainment and information and knowledge about the political system. The initial results of the survey were reported in Reducing Adolescent Risk: Toward an Integrated Approach (Sage, 2003). Findings regarding stigma of mental illness were first reported in Treating and Preventing Adolescent Mental Health Disorders (Oxford Press, 2005).

Participating in Online Web Discussions Associated With Rise in Suicidal Risk in Young People, APPC Study Finds

A 24-year-old told readers of Reddit ( of his intention to end his life, a forecast that proved accurate (see A log of the comments posted to him between the time of his announcement and his death revealed that although many offered help, some openly encouraged him to go through with the act.  

Heavy Media Use, Whether Old or New, Associated with Poorer Mental Health in U.S. Young People

Results released today from the National Annenberg Survey of Youth (NASY) indicate that although concerns about excessive Internet use may be justified, heavy use of television may be an even larger concern. In one of the most extensive national surveys of media habits over a two-year period, six different types of media use were identified

The Unrecognized Risks of Gambling for Male High School Athletes: Male Athletes Drove Recent Poker Craze and Are at Higher Risk of Gambling Problems

Although athletics is a healthy and popular extracurricular activity in American high schools, it also has its risks. The recent poker craze among adolescents in the U.S. was driven largely by interest in poker play among high school male athletes, a just-released analysis of adolescent gambling in the National Annenberg Surveys of Youth (NASY) indicates.

Adolescent and young adult victims of cyberbullying at increased risk of suicide: Female youth especially at risk

Results released today from the National Annenberg Survey of Youth reveal that 1 out of 7 or 14% of adolescents and young adults have experienced being a victim of cyberbullying (see Table 1 below). Those who experience cyberbullying report higher rates of thinking seriously about suicide in the past year (see Table 2 below). The

Internet Gambling Grows Among Male Youth Ages 18 to 22; Gambling Also Increases in High School Age Female Youth, According to National Annenberg Survey of Youth

Despite efforts by the federal government to impose restrictions on Internet gambling, college age youth are visiting online gambling sites at a growing rate, according to the latest National Annenberg Survey of Youth (NASY). Compared to the last survey conducted in 2008, monthly use of Internet gambling sites shot up this year from 4.4% to

Heavy exposure to screen entertainment media linked to less use of seatbelts in male adolescents: Findings from the National Annenberg Survey of Youth

Researchers have long noted that movies and television shows seldom show drivers wearing seatbelts. In an analysis of high school youths’ exposure to such entertainment, APPC researchers Sally Dunlop and Dan Romer found that males with heavy exposure to such programming were less likely to think that their friends and school peers used seatbelts. Furthermore,