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APPC congratulates on making American Mensa’s Top 50 Web sites 2010 list. Each year Mensa members select winners in nine categories, including “News and Politics,” which featured, calling it “The ultimate source for truth in politics.” Among other organizations making the Mensa list were Goodreads, Pandora, and the National Geographic Society.

On Message: Voter Persuasion in the 2008 Election

Representatives from the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee and several liberal and conservative groups gathered at the Newseum on December 12 to discuss their efforts to influence voters in the 2008 election. Tens of millions of dollars were spent by the political parties and outside groups to try to convince voters to back Makes PC Magazine’s Top 20 Political Site List

PC Magazine (, which offers independent reviews of technology, named one of the 20 best political websites, praising’s extensive research team. “Best of all, the site will answer your questions on current political or policy issues.” Among the other honorees were, Politico, and Earlier this year (2008), and its

No Spinning This: FactCheck and FactCheckED Garner Three Webby Awards

Annenberg Political Fact Check ( and its offspring, FactCheckED (, have been named winners in the 12th Annual Webby Awards competition, it was announced today. was named the best political website by the Webby judges, and also garnered a People’s Voice Webby, which is awarded based on voting by web users worldwide. FactCheckED received

FactCheck – In Action!, the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s popular and oft-quoted political truth squad, launched a new video report today, hosted by FactCheck reporter Emi Kolawole.  New reports will be posted each Friday morning. In addition to being available on FactCheck’s home page and to FactCheck’s 66,000 email subscribers, the report, known as “Just the Facts,” will

Factchecking by media a hit, new studies reveal

Political Mendacity and the Rise of Media Fact-Checkers More newspapers and television stations are fact-checking the claims of politicians, and the public seems to love it, according to factchecking practitioners and two new studies released today at a conference sponsored by and the Annenberg Public Policy Center. “You get 100 e-mails saying thank-you for

Another prize for has won a Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications. The prize, given in the online media category, recognizes FactCheck’s 2006 election coverage. It will be presented in October at the Association for Women in Communications’ annual conference in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this year, won two Webby “People’s Voice” awards in

FactCheck Scores Again

For the second year in a row, Annenberg Political Fact Check ( has been included among the 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without by FactCheck “is an independent, nonpartisan effort to cut through the routine spin and dissembling of politicians and other public figures,” noted Time. “Staff writers check speeches, TV ads, news releases

FactCheck.ED, new classroom website, is unveiled

FactCheckED, a new website designed to help high school students learn to think analytically, has been launched. An offshoot of the prize-winning website (, FactCheckED ( will offer tools that enable students to search out accurate and unbiased information and in the process become better informed consumers and citizens. In addition, FactCheckED offers lesson plans for