Skip to main content Gets High Marks for State of the Union Coverage

Since President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday,’s posts checking claims in the speech and the GOP responses have been republished on sites across the web and shared thousands of times on social media. USA Today ran the fact-checking State of the Union article as the lead story on its home page on Wednesday, and other sites, including and, republished the article in full as well.’s article this week on the final speech of Rick Perry as Texas Governor was also republished and reposted widely through social media.

In a post-speech roundup, PBS NewsHour said’s story was among the three most notable: “And when they awoke, the land was bountiful with State of the Union fact checks. Three we like?’s may be the most comprehensive…”

The Washington Examiner, in its roundup, noted on Wednesday: “In a front page splash on its website, USA Today led its coverage with a report, titled “Fact check: Obama’s State of the Union,” that began: “President Obama largely stuck to the facts in his State of the Union address, although he did cherry-pick data and exaggerate at times to put the best spin on his accomplishments.” The Examiner continued: “The article weighed the accuracy, often critically, of the various claims made by Obama. It is unusual for a daily newspaper to top its coverage of a major event like a presidential address to Congress with the work [of] employees of an outside group instead of its own reporters.”

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