Information and Society

The Annenberg Public Policy Center examines the public policy implications of changes in technology and communication. It conducts research on issues of technology and policy, privacy, equity, international communications and infrastructure.   The Center has studied the changing role of the Internet, in particular the Internet and privacy. Its researchers have examined the role of television in shaping health policy, the portrayal of the medical profession on television and the role of women leaders in emerging communication fields. The Center has co-sponsored conferences on risk assessment, the use of new technologies to provide wider access to health information, online journalism and hyperlinks and society.

Women Fail to Crack the Glass Ceiling In Communication Companies

Men Still Hold Vast Majority of Board and Executive Positions within Entertainment, Telecommunication, Cable, Publishing and E- Companies Fewer than one in five board members of the largest communication companies are women, according to the second annual analysis of women in communication companies conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Internet and the Family 2000

Free Gift Could Entice Children Into Revealing Personal Family Information: Online Boys More Likely Than Girls, and Older Kids More Likely than Younger Kids, to Say it is OK to Divulge Information According to this latest report, the majority of parents who have home web access look favorably upon the internet – 89 percent believe