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Open to Exploitation: American Shoppers Online and Offline

Sixty-four percent of American adults do not know that it is legal for online stores to charge different people different prices at the same time of day for the same product. This groundbreaking new study explores this and many other shopping rules that all Americans need to know in order to protect themselves from online

Americans and Online Privacy: The System is Broken

New Report Examines Americans’ Understanding of Online Privacy Do Americans understand the purpose on internet privacy policies? Do they know how websites use information about them? Do they trust government to protect their personal information? Americans and Online Privacy: The System is Broken, that addresses these specific questions.

Women Fail to Crack the Glass Ceiling In Communication Companies

Men Still Hold Vast Majority of Board and Executive Positions within Entertainment, Telecommunication, Cable, Publishing and E- Companies Fewer than one in five board members of the largest communication companies are women, according to the second annual analysis of women in communication companies conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Internet and the Family 2000

Free Gift Could Entice Children Into Revealing Personal Family Information: Online Boys More Likely Than Girls, and Older Kids More Likely than Younger Kids, to Say it is OK to Divulge Information According to this latest report, the majority of parents who have home web access look favorably upon the internet – 89 percent believe

Information Technology and Its Impact on Catastrophic Risks

This report examines the impact that the revolution in computer technology has had on the management of catastrophic risks. This area has now emerged on the societal radar screen due to large-scale losses from recent hurricanes and earthquakes that have shaken the insurance industry and affected federal expenditures.