Institutions of Democracy

The Institutions of Democracy project works to enhance the public’s appreciation of the nature and function of democratic institutions. The project examines the history, current state and challenges facing the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, the press and the public schools. Commissions of scholars have synthesized what is known about the institutions, identified research priorities and disseminated their findings to scholars and the public through volumes published by Oxford University Press as the Institutions of American Democracy series.

    Americans know surprisingly little about their government, survey finds

    Americans show great uncertainty when it comes to answering basic questions about how their government works, a survey conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center has found. The survey was released for Constitution Day, Sept. 17, in conjunction with the launch of the Civics Renewal Network.

    Party Identification in the 2012 Presidential Election

    Using the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Institutions of Democracy 2012 Political Knowledge 6-wave telephone survey, conducted during the final two months of the campaign and immediately following the election, we compared shifts in party affiliation to comparable periods in the 200, 2004, and 2008 elections. The analysis of the relatively shortened periods, examined as cross-sections, show a more fixed affiliation. Nonetheless, there is variability from election to election especially among self-identified Independents.