Findings released on mass media as an HIV-prevention strategy

In a study just released in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Adolescent Communication Institute (ACI) and five other universities along with a Philadelphia media development firm report that a mass media program directed to African American youth ages 14 to 18 reduced sexual risk behavior, especially among

The Holiday-Suicide Myth: Newspapers (and TV Shows) Return to Old Ways

One of the more persistent myths about the end-of-year holidays is that suicides rise during this period. According to a recently completed analysis of news reporting during last year’s holiday period, there was renewed repetition of this myth in newspaper reporting. Despite the sizeable drop that occurred during the preceding holiday period in 2006, newspapers

Internet Gambling Stays Low Among Youth Ages 14 to 22 But Access to Gambling Sites Continues; Sports Gambling Makes Resurgence

After last year’s precipitous decline, card playing for money on the Internet has remained at the same low level among both high school and college-age males, according to the latest National Annenberg Survey of Youth. Card playing for money at least once a month on the Internet among male youth remained at the same level

Essential Mental Health Resources Now Available in Spanish

Books for parents, counselors and others concerned with the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in adolescents are now available online in Spanish. The volumes, produced by the Sunnylands Adolescent Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) and published by Oxford University Press, provide concise guides to eating disorders and schizophrenia. The books offer up-to-date information from noted

Condom labeling study published

An article examining the effectiveness of Food and Drug Administration proposed condom package labeling, co-authored by Amy Bleakley, a research scientist in the Health Communication Group of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, has been published in the journal AIDS and Behavior. Bleakley, and co-authors Martin Fishbein, director of APPC’s Health Communication Group, and David Holtgrave