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Michael Rozansky has worked as an editor, writer and reporter for 30 years. Before joining the Annenberg Public Policy Center as director of communications, he spent more than 20 years at the Philadelphia Inquirer, most recently supervising its arts and entertainment coverage. He has reported on the arts, media, business, politics, national and regulatory issues. Rozansky also developed and taught a class at Temple University on the history and practice of celebrity journalism. He received a bachelor’s degree in English and American literature from Brown University and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. 

Movie violence associated with sex, alcohol and tobacco use

Nearly 90 percent of the top-grossing movies over a 25-year period show main characters acting violently, and in 77 percent of the movies those characters also engage in sex-, alcohol- or tobacco-related behavior, a new study has shown. The study published in Pediatrics, by researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, found that more than half of the biggest PG-13 movies featured a main character acting violently and involved in either drinking, sexual behavior or smoking within a five-minute segment.

Abraham Lincoln

Could Lincoln Be Reelected Today?

Could Lincoln be reelected today? What sort of attack ads might he encounter? What deceptive ads, false claims, and out-of-context quotations might the Illinois Republican face from the likes of Democratic nominee Gen. George B. McClellan and third-party Super PACs? Using a variety of political-campaign techniques, along with parody and humor, has reconceived the bruising 1864 campaign in a video timeline.

More gun violence in top PG-13 movies than in biggest R-rated films

The amount of gun violence in the top-grossing PG-13 movies has more than tripled since 1985, and in 2012 it exceeded the gun violence in the biggest R-rated movies, according to researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Ohio State University. The overall rate of violence in the biggest box-office movies has more than doubled since 1950, the researchers report in "Gun Violence Trends in Movies," published in Pediatrics.

‘Electing the President 2012’ offers behind-the-scenes look at campaign

“Electing the President 2012,” published by the University of Pennsylvania Press, offers a behind-the-scenes look at campaign strategy and analysis from the insiders who ran the campaigns of President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. The book captures a daylong closed-door campaign debriefing at the Annenberg Public Policy Center on Dec. 6, 2012, a month after the election, with top campaign strategists who spoke freely and questioned each other about their decisions.

Amy Jordan

Amy Jordan elected president of the ICA

Amy Jordan, Ph.D., associate director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, has been elected President Elect-Select of the International Communication Association, the leading international organization devoted to scholarship in the field of communication. Dr. Jordan will assume the presidency of the ICA, which has 4,700 members in 86 countries, in 2015.

Nursing intervention helps mentally ill people with HIV

Having trained nurses follow up on medication use with mentally ill patients who are HIV positive was effective both at improving the patients’ quality of life and biological markers for the human immunodeficiency virus, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. The study is thought to be the first to