FactCheck – In Action!

FactCheck.org, the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s popular and oft-quoted political truth squad, launched a new video report today, hosted by FactCheck reporter Emi Kolawole.  New reports will be posted each Friday morning. In addition to being available on FactCheck’s home page and to FactCheck’s 66,000 email subscribers, the report, known as “Just the Facts,” will

Amy Jordan Briefs Senate Staff on Childhood Obesity

More than nine million children in the United States are overweight, a figure that has tripled since the 1970s. Overweight children are more likely to suffer psychological and physical health problems in their youth, and those problems are likely to follow them to adulthood. Obesity may be the number-one health problem facing children today. That

Many youth expect to die early, new APPC study finds

Many U.S. youth ages 14 to 22 expect to die before age 30, according to a new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.  About one out of 15 young people (6.7 percent) expressed such “unrealistic fatalism,” the study concludes. “I am surprised that one in 15 young Americans report they will die so

National Health Behavior Survey Data Now Available

Data from the Annenberg National Health Communication Survey (ANHCS) is now available to the public on a new website (http://anhcs.asc.upenn.edu).  Core data from the 2005 ANHCS survey has been posted and will soon be updated to include 2006 core data and a user’s guide. The Annenberg National Health Communication Survey is designed to capture national