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FactCheck – In Action!, the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s popular and oft-quoted political truth squad, launched a new video report today, hosted by FactCheck reporter Emi Kolawole.  New reports will be posted each Friday morning.

In addition to being available on FactCheck’s home page and to FactCheck’s 66,000 email subscribers, the report, known as “Just the Facts,” will also be posted on and YouTube.

Each week, Kolawole will summarize the high points – or, more accurately, the low points – of the political deception and fact-twisting documented by the FactCheck team in Washington.  The video report may also include tips to help viewers learn how to recognize deception and dig out reliable information on their own.

In recent weeks, FactCheck has been cited in the national media for its due-diligence in sorting through the claims and counter-claims among the presidential candidates. The Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Charlotte Observer, Rocky Mountain News, Philadelphia Daily News and even the Pretoria News of South Africa have singled out FactCheck for vetting campaign rhetoric and blowing the whistle on distortions and untruths.