U.S. Must Be Engaged Around the World, says George P. Shultz

In a world that is drifting, the United States must come up with a cohesive game plan to guide its diplomacy, said former Secretary of State George P. Shultz who delivered the second annual Leonore Annenberg Lecture in Public Service and Global Understanding at the University of Pennsylvania on October 18. Shultz’s address was entitled

Partisan Judicial Elections Foster Cynicism and Distrust

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans who live in states that hold partisan judicial elections are more cynical toward the courts than Americans who live in states that do not hold partisan elections. Partisan judicial elections foster the belief that “judges are just politicians in robes.” Partisan judicial elections also decrease public trust that state courts are

Annenberg Classroom wins W3 Award

Annenberg Classroom (www.annenbergclassroom.org) has won a silver W3 award from the International Academy of Visual Arts in the education category. The W3 Award honors creative excellence in websites, web advertising and web video. More than 2,700 entries were received by the judges.

Google poised to become Big Brother, Turow warns

Google’s decision to spend $3.1 billion to buy little-known DoubleClick will affect the future of American media and the way advertisers tell stories about you and me,” writes Joseph Turow in an op-ed published in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. Turow, who studies the media, the internet and advertising, urges federal scrutiny of the acquisition because