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Google poised to become Big Brother, Turow warns

Google’s decision to spend $3.1 billion to buy little-known DoubleClick will affect the future of American media and the way advertisers tell stories about you and me,” writes Joseph Turow in an op-ed published in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

Turow, who studies the media, the internet and advertising, urges federal scrutiny of the acquisition because of its far-reaching impact on competition and privacy.

Ad-serving, which targets advertising to specific consumers based on the collection of personal information, can be very lucrative, says Turow. Google’s acquisition of  DoubleClick will so completely dominate the market that other competitors will be left behind.

Ultimately at stake is more than whether we receive ads tailored to our interests,” he writes. “It’s about what kind of news, entertainment and marketing system we want for our democracy.”

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