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    What’s Behind the Numbers on Televised Presidential Debates?

    Presidential debates are a centerpiece of presidential general elections in the United States. In a new white paper, “Presidential Debates: What’s Behind the Numbers?” researchers from the Annenberg Public Policy Center take a close look at the data on the audience, ratings, and motivations of viewers of general-election presidential debates.

      Democratizing The Debates

      Read the full report DOWNLOAD PDF Press Release  Fact Sheet Introduction: The Issue the goal of reform: Democratizing the debate process Expanding and Enriching Debate Content Broadening the Accessibility of the Debates Improving the Transparency and Accountability of the Debate Process CONCLUSION APPENDIX ONE: Process Working Group Biographies APPENDIX TWO: SPONSORSHIP APPENDIX THREE: Youngest Group Least Likely

        The Politics of Science: Studies of Bias, Polarization, Trust, and Belief

        The political spin that so often is attached to discussions surrounding public policy and science is the focus of the March 2015 issue of the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Politics and science often intermix on matters including climate change, vaccinations, fracking, nuclear power, evolution, genetically modified organisms, and stem cell research, among others.
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