APPC created the Martin Fishbein Memorial Seminar Series to celebrate Marty’s life and honor him as a scholar, co-worker, and friend, while establishing the APPC as a locus for reasoned action research by sponsoring a series of events in which the invited speakers – as well as audience members – are researchers who use reasoned action theory in a way that extends the span of RA research by incorporating new behaviors and including previously unstudied populations.

Lectures presented as part of this series are being edited and consolidated into a special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, edited by APPC Senior Research Analyst Michael Hennessy.

The Quantitative Analysis of Reasoned Action Theory

Reasons People Give for Eating Better and Moving More: A Comparative Salient Belief Elicitation

The Social Regulation of Activity and Inactivity: Implications for Behavior Prediction and Behavior Change

The Reasoned Action Model: Some Next Steps

A Consideration of Perceived Behavioral Control as a Component of Reasoned Action Theory

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