APPC created the Martin Fishbein Memorial Seminar Series to celebrate Marty’s life and honor him as a scholar, co-worker, and friend, while establishing the APPC as a locus for reasoned action research by sponsoring a series of events in which the invited speakers – as well as audience members – are researchers who use reasoned action theory in a way that extends the span of RA research by incorporating new behaviors and including previously unstudied populations.

Lectures presented as part of this series are being edited and consolidated into a special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, edited by APPC Senior Research Analyst Michael Hennessy.

Experimental Evaluation of Anti-Tobacco PSAs

The Quantitative Analysis of Reasoned Action Theory

Reasons People Give for Eating Better and Moving More: A Comparative Salient Belief Elicitation

The Social Regulation of Activity and Inactivity: Implications for Behavior Prediction and Behavior Change

The Reasoned Action Model: Some Next Steps

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