Journal Articles

When Is Presidential Behavior Public and When Is It Private?

Where pundits predicted that the allegations would undercut public confidence in his presidency, the opposite seemed to be the case. Bill Clinton’s approval ratings stayed above 60 percent through May. When a reporter questioned whether it was healthy for the public to feel that presidents’ personal lives are not relevant, Clinton declined to answer the question.

The Treatment of Persons of Color in Local Television News: Ethnic Blame Discourse or Realistic Group Conflict

Blaming outgroups for social problems is a common discursive practice. However, it is not clear whether this discourse represents ethnocentric bias or realistic group conflict. To compare these explanations, the authors studied 14 weeks of local television news on three stations in Philadelphia. The authors found that persons of color were heavily presented in stories about crime, and within those stories were more likely to be presented as perpetrators of crime than as persons reacting to or suffering from it.