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July 2014

    9/11 Commission members warn of emerging threats in new report

    The struggle against terrorism “has entered a new and dangerous phase,” members of the 9/11 Commission said on the 10-year anniversary of the original 9/11 Commission Report. The group’s new report, developed in partnership with the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Annenberg Public Policy Center, identified emerging threats and continuing vulnerabilities, including the need to streamline Congressional oversight of Homeland Security.

      Homeland Security a Focus at 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival

      Speaking at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival, a panel of experts on national security including former 9/11 Commission chairman Thomas H. Kean agreed that the nation is not as safe as it could or should be. One of the problems, they said, was that Congressional oversight of the Department of Homeland Security was in the hands of too many overlapping committees and subcommittees, so critical issues were not being dealt with.