Annenberg sex and media researchers published in Journal of Sex Research

Annenberg School for Communication alumna Shawnika J. Hull, Ph.D., and Annenberg Public Policy Center scholars Michael Hennessy, Ph.D., Amy Bleakley, Ph.D., Martin Fishbein, Ph.D., and Amy Jordan, Ph.D., published a paper, “Identifying the Causal Pathways from Religiosity to Delayed Adolescent Sexual Behavior” in The Journal of Sex Research (October 2010). The authors used data from the Annenberg Sex and Media study,

APPC identifies student mental health as important source of state and national differences in adolescent educational achievement

An analysis by Annenberg Public Policy Center researchers Sharon Sznitman and Dan Romer shows that international and U.S. state differences in the emotional well-being of adolescents are strongly related to their overall levels of academic achievement. In addition, these differences are strongly related to levels of poverty at the national and state level. The article

Internet Gambling Grows Among Male Youth Ages 18 to 22; Gambling Also Increases in High School Age Female Youth, According to National Annenberg Survey of Youth

Despite efforts by the federal government to impose restrictions on Internet gambling, college age youth are visiting online gambling sites at a growing rate, according to the latest National Annenberg Survey of Youth (NASY). Compared to the last survey conducted in 2008, monthly use of Internet gambling sites shot up this year from 4.4% to