APPC Health Communication Scholars Published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy

APPC scholars Amy Bleakley, Ph.D., Michael Hennessy, Ph.D., and Martin Fishbein, Ph.D., published a paper, “Predicting Preferences for Types of Sex Education in US Schools” (Sexuality Research and Social Policy), identifying characteristics related to sex education policy preferences in the United States. The authors used data from the Annenberg National Health Communication Survey.   Article

APPC Scholars Awarded Obesity Prevention Grant

The grant is part of a $25.5 million award to the city of Philadelphia for anti-obesity and anti-tobacco programs from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Amy Jordan, Ph.D., Amy Bleakley, Ph.D., and Michael Hennessy, Ph.D., representing APPC’s Media and the Developing Child and Health Communication areas, will team up to help the named a favorite site of American Mensa

APPC congratulates on making American Mensa’s Top 50 Web sites 2010 list. Each year Mensa members select winners in nine categories, including “News and Politics,” which featured, calling it “The ultimate source for truth in politics.” Among other organizations making the Mensa list were Goodreads, Pandora, and the National Geographic Society.

Dr. Amy Jordan published in Pediatrics

Amy Jordan, Ph.D., head of APPC’s Media and the Developing Child program, Ed Donnerstein, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona, and lead author Victor Strasburger, M.D., of the University of New Mexico, were published today in Pediatrics online. The paper, “Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents,” will appear in hardcopy in April. Article