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January 2010

New article using NASY data published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research

“Smoking, parent smoking, depressed mood, and suicidal ideation in teens,” a paper using data from the 2002 National Annenberg Survey of Youth (NASY) to investigate a possible relationship between smoking and suicidal ideation in teens, is now available online.   Article abstract:   Objectives: We address whether smoking is related to suicidal ideation in teens

Electing the President, 2008, now available

Since 1992 the Annenberg Public Policy Center has held presidential election debriefings gathering top Republican and Democratic campaign strategists to offer their insights following Election Day. Now APPC has released Electing the President, 2008 (Penn Press), its third debriefing book sharing insider analysis captured at the event. Unlike earlier books, a DVD featuring selected video is