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Special edition of The Annals on the Martin Fishbein Seminar Series now available

The March 2012 issue of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, which features articles derived from the Martin Fishbein Memorial Seminar Series, is now available. Michael Hennessy, Ph.D., Senior Research Analyst at APPC, is special editor of the volume, “Advancing Reasoned Action Theory.”
Also contributing to the special issue are Amy Jordan, Ph.D., Director of APPC’s Media and the Developing Child area, and APPC Researchers Amy Bleakley, Ph.D., and Brenda Curtis, Ph.D.
To order a copy (in either soft or hardbound versions), go to the Sage website: To receive 20% off the purchase price, use the discount code 1126019 during the check-out/payment process.