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Public Service Ads Win Bronze Telly Awards

For the second year, public service announcements promoting HIV awareness among young African-Americans have been singled out for honors.  The three ads encourage young people in high-risk cities to resist peer pressure to have sex and to consider the impact that a sexually transmitted disease can have on one’s future.

The ads were produced by MEE Productions Inc., of Philadelphia, which last year also won a bronze Telly Award for similar public service announcements.

The awareness campaign is part of a research project to understand the role the media can play in helping adolescents lead healthy lives and, in particular, to avoid sexually transmitted infections. It is coordinated by the Annenberg Risk Communication Institute and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.  Participating institutions, in addition to the Annenberg Public Policy Center, are Brown University, Emory University, Syracuse University and the University of South Carolina.

The Telly Awards honor high-quality local, regional and cable television commercials and programs, video and film productions, and Web materials.