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On Message: Voter Persuasion in the 2008 Election

Representatives from the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee and several liberal and conservative groups gathered at the Newseum on December 12 to discuss their efforts to influence voters in the 2008 election. Tens of millions of dollars were spent by the political parties and outside groups to try to convince voters to back Barack Obama or John McCain.


The communications specialists and political strategists, brought together for a conference sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and, discussed the effectiveness of their advertising, direct mail pieces and phone calls. Liberal/Democratic groups at the event were the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; Planned Parenthood Action Fund; and Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. Conservative/Republican groups included Freedom’s Watch and the National Republican Trust PAC, a group that sprung up in late September.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the APPC, welcomed participants to the event, which was moderated by Director Brooks Jackson.

View video of the event