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Kathleen Hall Jamieson Discusses Presidential Debates on ‘On Point’

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and James Poniewozik, chief television critic for the New York Times, spoke with host Tom Ashbrook on WBUR’s “On Point.” On Feb. 1, on the eve of the Iowa caucus, they discussed the effectiveness of debates, the role of moderators and the media, and suggestions for reform. Hit play above to listen to the full audio from the show.

In response to a question, Jamieson suggested that listeners take a look at‘s Patterns of Deceptions as a useful tool for understanding misleading techniques being used in this presidential cycle.

Ashbrook provided a list of recommended readings on presidential debates, specifically on the 2016 race, including Democratizing the Debates, the report from Annenberg Working Group on Presidential Campaign Debate Reform. For more about the show on the use and misuse of presidential debates, click here.

See below for tweeted highlights from @OnPointRadio: