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Jamieson Featured in ‘The Contenders’ on Presidential Campaigns

Annenberg Public Policy Center Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson was featured in five episodes of the documentary series “The Contenders – 16 for ’16,”  which concluded this week on PBS.

The series, by PBS in partnership with OZY Media and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, looks at “16 of the most influential campaigns of the last 50 years” over eight one-hour broadcasts. The episodes reveal “the humanity, the twists of fate and the surprising mistakes” of each of these campaigns, and look at how these key elections continue to influence politics today.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson speaks in The Contenders. Credit: The Contenders, 16 for '16,
Kathleen Hall Jamieson speaks in The Contenders – 16 for ’16. Credit: The Contenders, 16 for ’16,

Jamieson, a scholar of presidential communication, is the author of 16 books including “Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction and Democracy,” “Packaging the Presidency: A History and Criticism of Presidential Advertising,” and “The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Messages Shaped the 2008 Election.” She is also co-founder of, a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters which researches the veracity of claims made by political players.


Jamieson is featured in the episodes:

Click on the links to watch some of the segments or see more on the series here.