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APPC Researchers Present Work at 2017 ICA Conference

Researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and scholars from the Annenberg Public Policy Center are set to attend the 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), to be held this year in San Diego on May 25-29. This year’s conference theme is “Interventions: Communication Research and Practice.”

APPC director Kathleen Hall Jamieson, APPC’s Adolescent Health and Risk Communication Institute director Patrick E. Jamieson, and postdoctoral fellows Meghnaa Tallapragada and Robert B. Lull will present research and take part in discussions. Kathleen Hall Jamieson is also taking part in a pre-conference plenary panel on Normative Theorizing in Communication Research. The conference will also feature research by postdoctoral fellow Ben Lyons; APPC research director Dan Romer; APPC visiting scholar William K. Hallman; former APPC research scientist Amy Bleakley (now at the Annenberg School for Communication); and APPC coding research manager and analyst Ilana Weitz.

See below for participation by APPC researchers.

  • Cognition, Attitude, and Persuasion

    • Amy Bleakley, Patrick E. Jamieson, and Ilana Weitz – “Drinking and Killing at the #RedWedding: Social Media Use as a Moderator of Exposure to Risky Media Portrayals and Behavioral Intention”
San Diego skyline. Credit: Flickr user "Photos By Clark."
San Diego skyline. Credit: Flickr user “Photos By Clark.”