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APPC Postdocs Present Research at 2019 APSA Meeting

Annenberg Public Policy Center postdoctoral fellows will be presenting research in Washington, D.C., this week at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

Ozan Kuru
Ozan Kuru

At the 2019 APSA meeting preconference panels on August 28:

  • Misinformation and Propaganda Around the Globe: Ozan Kuru will present “Understanding Informational Processing in WhatsApp Groups: A Comparative Study of User Perceptions and Practices in Turkey, Singapore, and the USA.”
  • Institutions and Behavior in Troubled Times: Dominik Stecula will present: “Party Cues in the News: Elite Opinion Leadership and American Attitudes Towards Climate Change.”

In addition, current and recent APPC postdocs are taking part in these sessions:

  • Structure and Change in Strategic Communication Networks (Aug. 29): Former postdoc Yotam Ophir, at the University of Buffalo, will present “Framing Senate Candidates in US Elections Coverage: A Topic-Network Approach,” co-authored by Dror Walter of Georgia State University.
  • Emerging Issues in the Politics of Public Health (Aug. 29): Former postdoc Matthew P. Motta, of Oklahoma State University, will present his co-authored “Identifying Strategies to Correct Misinformation about the MMR Vaccine.”

    Dominik Stecula
    Dominik Stecula
  • The Dynamics of Climate Policy Support in the US (Aug. 30): Motta will present “Opinion Dynamics & Policy Consequences of Concern About Climate Change Effects” and Stecula is a discussant.
  • Fake News, Real Consequences (Aug. 30): Ophir, chair.
  • Media Effects (Aug. 31): Ophir will present “Disentangling Debate and Media Effects in the 2016 Elections,” co-authored by Walter and APPC Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
  • Elites in the News, Aug. 31: Stecula will present “News Consumption Patterns of Political Elites in the U.S.”
  • Truth and/or Consequences, Sept. 1: Stecula, chair.