Amy Jordan New Co-Editor of Journal of Children and Media

    Routledge has named Amy Jordan co-editor of the Journal of Children and Media beginning immediately. Dr. Jordan, director of APPC’s Media and the Developing Child area, has been on the editorial board of the journal from its inception in 2007, and served as guest editor on a special issue on policy.

    To mark the occasion, Routledge is offering free online access until August 31, 2012 to three recent articles that Dr. Jordan has published in the journal:

    Children’s Media Policy: International perspectives
    Amy B. Jordan

    The Role of Television Access in the Viewing Time of US Adolescents
    Amy Jordan, Amy Bleakley, Jennifer Manganello, Michael Hennessy, Robin Steven & Martin Fishbein

    Burgers and Basketball: Race and Stereotypes in Food and Beverage Advertising Aimed at Children in the US
    Joelle Sano Gilmore & Amy Jordan