Chinese journalists visit Annenberg Public Policy Center

A group of five Chinese journalists visited the Annenberg Public Policy Center on Sept. 23, meeting with APPC director Kathleen Hall Jamieson. The journalists took part in the 2014 China-United States Journalists Exchange, on a study tour in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Dr. Jamieson, co-founder of the policy center's project, said the group talked about practices in Chinese vs. U.S. journalism...

Detail of the Homeland Security Flag

Former Homeland Security Secretaries Urge Oversight Reform

On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the three former U.S. Secretaries of Homeland Security recommended that Congress streamline its oversight of the Department of Homeland Security as “a matter of critical importance to national security on which there is broad bipartisan agreement.”

Civics Renewal Network launches on Constitution Day

Constitution Day, Wednesday, Sept. 17, and the 225th anniversary of the drafting of the Bill of Rights will be celebrated by events spanning the nation, including naturalization ceremonies at iconic sites, students taking the “Preamble Challenge,” a panel in Washington examining the role of civics in American life, and the start-up of an online resource for civics education. The daylong commemoration will launch the Civics Renewal Network, a collaboration among 26 groups, including the Annenberg Public Policy Center.