Participating in Online Web Discussions Associated With Rise in Suicidal Risk in Young People, APPC Study Finds

A 24-year-old told readers of Reddit ( of his intention to end his life, a forecast that proved accurate (see A log of the comments posted to him between the time of his announcement and his death revealed that although many offered help, some openly encouraged him to go through with the act.  

Annenberg Classroom honored with Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications

Annenberg Classroom (, a civics education resource for high school social studies teachers and students offered by APPC’s Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics, has been named a 2011 Clarion Award winner in the online media category. The Annenberg Classroom website houses APPC’s award-winning, comprehensive multimedia curriculum on the Constitution – which includes videos, books, interactive

Student Drug Testing Only Shows Effects Among Girls in High Schools With Good Social Climates; Regardless of Climate, No Deterrent Effect for Boys, APPC Study Finds

Research conducted with over 940 high school students in two nationally representative surveys finds that male students in high schools that conduct student drug testing report no less recent use of alcohol, marijuana, or cigarettes than male students in schools without drug testing. Although there was evidence of effectiveness for female students, this only occurred

Popular PG-13 Movies Increasingly Portray Suicidal Behavior; No Difference in Highly Explicit Suicide Between R- AND PG-13-Rated Films

Annenberg Public Policy Center research analyzing 855 top box- office films from 1950 to 2006 shows that the portrayal of explicit and graphic suicide has tripled over that time. It also found no difference in the most explicit portrayals in films rated PG-13 versus those rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Former APPC Postdoctoral Fellow published in the Journal of Family Issues

Former APPC Postdoctoral Fellow Cortney Evans, Ph.D., is the lead author of a forthcoming article, “Only Two Hours? A Qualitative Study of the Challenges Parents Perceive in Restricting Child Television Time,” which will appear in the Journal of Family Issues (September 2011). Dr. Evans’ co-authors are APPC Media and Developing Child Area Director Amy Jordan,

Kathleen Hall Jamieson moderates panel on civic education at ABA annual convention

Annenberg Public Policy Center Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D., moderated a panel August 6 during the American Bar Association convention in Toronto, Canada titled “A Conversation on Civic Education in the Nation’s Schools.” The panelists were U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Justice O’Connor delivered the 2008 Leonore Annenberg