News coverage of litigation against Philip Morris helped adolescent smokers learn about the fallacies of “light” cigarettes

In a report released online in the journal Tobacco Control, postdoctoral fellow Sally Dunlop and Dan Romer, director of APPC’s Adolescent Health Communication Institute, show how a dramatic increase in newspaper coverage of litigation against Philip Morris for its deceptive advertising for light cigarettes was associated with a decline in misperceptions about the benefits of

APPC Welcomes New National Civics Outreach Director

The Annenberg Public Policy Center is pleased to announce that Scott Roberts, who for almost two decades directed Annenberg Media (formerly The Annenberg/CPB Project) at the appointment of Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, will join us as National Civics Outreach Director on July 1. With Roberts at the helm Annenberg Media became an award-winning educational portal,