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Dr. Hannah Faye C. Chua delivers second APPC seminar on the neuroscience of communication

Dr. Hannah Faye C. Chua, Research Associate, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, delivered APPC’s second seminar on the neuroscience of communication, “Neural Mechanisms of Persuasive Communications and Behavior Change,” on Thursday, November 3, 2011. The seminar was held in APPC’s atrium before an audience of graduate students and scholars.

Seminar abstract:

Recent advances have brought together neuroscience techniques with communications research, creating the birth of communication neuroscience. In this presentation, Dr. Chua discusses her recent research exploring how neural and psychological mechanisms are involved in processing persuasive tailored messages related to tobacco cessation and how these mechanisms are related to behavior change. Do differences in how people respond to communication messages influence their behavior a few months after? Are there potential genetic influences on how people’s brains respond to tailored messages? We use tailored smoking cessation messages in smokers to examine some of these neural and psychological mechanisms.