Atika Khurana

Atika Khurana Ph.D.

Atika Khurana is Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Human Services, and Research Scientist at the Prevention Science Institute, University of Oregon. Her research interests include understanding and preventing adolescent risk behaviors, with a focus on families as mediators and moderators of risk. Her current research focuses on understanding the developmental associations between executive functions (e.g., working memory), self-regulation, and adolescent risk-taking behaviors. Her past work has examined multi-contextual risk and protective factors associated with adolescent sexual risk behaviors, substance abuse, delinquency, and academic disengagement. Dr. Khurana’s research has appeared in leading academic journals, including Developmental Psychology, Journal of Adolescent Health, Prevention Science, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Addictive Behaviors, and Addiction. Her statistical interests include latent variable and multi-level modeling, mediation and moderation analysis, missing data, and longitudinal data analysis. | Faculty Web Page

Cortney Evans

Cortney Evans Ph.D.

Visiting Professor Brigham Young University
ACASC Fellow 2008-2010 As a visiting professor at Brigham Young University, Dr. Evans is teaching Human Development classes while conducting research examining temperamental and environmental influences on socio-emotional outcomes in infants and young children. The research she conducted during her postdoctoral training at APPC continues to inform her teaching and scholastic endeavors.

Joelle Gilmore

Joelle Gilmore Ph.D.

ACASC Fellow 2010-2012
Dr. Gilmore continues to research the relationship between children's media exposure and childhood obesity. She looks forward to a career investigating these important connections, as well as efforts involving the creation, implementation, and evaluation of childhood obesity prevention and reduction.

Priya Nalkur

Priya Nalkur Ph.D.

International Development Student Advisor Heller School of Social Policy and Management Brandeis University ACASC Fellow 2008-2010
As an international development student advisor, Dr. Nalkur's work involves counseling, teaching, analyzing student data, and international networking for students in the International Development program. The Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University develops new knowledge in the field of social policy and in health and human services management. Heller graduates work in a variety of sectors, with a common theme of "making a significant differences in the lives of the vulnerable."

Sally Dunlop

Sally Dunlop Ph.D.

Dr. Sally Dunlop is a behavioral scientist with research interests spanning communication, psychology, and public health. As a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, she works on projects related to tobacco control, focusing on the process of unassisted quitting, the influence of anti-smoking media campaigns on smoking-related beliefs and behaviors, and the impact of tobacco control policies. Much of this research is conducted in conjunction with the Cancer Institute New South Wales, part of the state government. Prior to her position at the University of Sydney, she completed her Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne and held a post-doctoral position in the Annenberg Center for Advanced Study in Communication program at APPC. | Faculty Web Page

Sharon R. Sznitman

Sharon R. Sznitman Ph.D.

Sharon Sznitman is a lecturer at the School of Public Health at the University of Haifa in Israel, where she is engaged in research that examines risk factors related to adverse health outcomes in adolescents and young adults. Dr. Sznitman’s research has focused on adolescent and young adults’ substance use (including alcohol, cigarette and marijuana use), medical marijuana use, mental health, and sexual health, and how these aspects of well-being are affected by individual level risk factors such as personality vulnerabilities (e.g. sensation-seeking and impulsivity) as well as social factors such as culture, school environment, immigration, poverty and mass media. Dr. Sznitman is the program coordinator of the English-language summer program at the School of Public Health. Developing Leaders in Global Health Systems is a joint graduate-level program between the University of Georgia, Center for Global Health, U.S.A., and the University of Haifa, School of Public Health. The goal of the program is to identify and develop a future generation of people who will lead health systems around the world.