Annenberg Classroom documentary garners awards

Annenberg Classroom’s documentary “Search and Seizure: Mapp v. Ohio” has been chosen for a Chris Statuette award, to be presented in November at the 61st annual awards ceremony of the Columbus International Film + Video Festival. The 25-minute film, produced by The Documentary Group, explores the landmark Fourth Amendment case in which the U.S. Supreme

Issue brief: Drug Prevention in Schools

Dan Romer, director of APPC’s Adolescent Health and Communication Institutes, reviews the evidence on ways to prevent drug abuse in middle and high school youth, focusing on mandatory random drug testing. Since the 1990s, interest has been growing in the use of such tests to deter drug use among teenagers. The review finds that mandatory

More than half of Philadelphia parents who smoke and have young children allow smoking in the home

In a city with high smoking rates, 52 percent of smokers with pre-teen children in their households said they permit smoking at home, a new study has found. The study, by researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, also suggested that certain antismoking messages, including a focus on

Report: Congress Could Make America Safer

On the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a bipartisan task force of homeland-security experts, government officials and former members of the 9/11 Commission has released a report outlining the need for stronger and clearer Congressional oversight of national security.