FactCheck.org Presents Inaugural Brooks Jackson Undergraduate Fellowship Award

FactCheck.org honored one of its University of Pennsylvania undergraduate research fellows with the inaugural Brooks Jackson Undergraduate Fellowship Award. The award, named for FactCheck.org’s co-founder, was presented to Corey Berman, a junior majoring in communication at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) director Kathleen Hall Jamieson announced the creation of the award at a luncheon last fall honoring APPC’s 25th anniversary and FactCheck.org’s 15th anniversary. The Brooks Jackson award is designed to honor an undergraduate research fellow who has done exemplary work in fact-checking and most embodies the talent, spirit, and integrity of Brooks Jackson.

FactCheck.org director Eugene Kiely described Berman as a dedicated and hard-working student who took pride in his work, whether he was responding to readers, fact-checking articles, or writing his own posts for FactCheck.org.

Read the full story from the Annenberg School for Communication here.

Corey Berman (left), holding the Brooks Jackson Undergraduate Fellowship Award, and FactCheck.org director Eugene Kiely.
Corey Berman (left) and FactCheck.org director Eugene Kiely.