Indiana GOP Primary Voters Discuss Candidates for White House

    Pollster Peter Hart conducted a focus group in Indianapolis on Oct. 20, 2015 with a dozen Republican primary voters (11 of them strong Republicans) to understand the meaning behind the numbers and provide some sense of what may lay ahead in this GOP nominating process. This is qualitative, not quantitative, research, but the participants represented supporters of six of the major candidates.

    Hart, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s “Voices of the Voters” project, convened the group following the first two Republican primary debates and a week before the third. Hart has been conducting focus groups with voters for APPC as part of an ongoing examination of the views of the electorate since 2004.

    An analysis of the session by Peter D. Hart and Corrie Hunt can be found here. A full video of the session is below:

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