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APPC’s Martin Fishbein publishes new volume on theory of reasoned action

In their new volume, Predicting and Changing Behavior: The Reasoned Action Approach, Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen describe and update the reasoned action approach, the groundbreaking theoretical construct for understanding human behavior that has provided the basis for more than 1,000 journal articles in the three decades since they introduced it. The authors consider the current status of the reasoned action approach, address new methodological challenges and suggest future research directions.
Reviews include:
“In this book, Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen provide the definitive description of the powerful reasoned action approach to predicting behavior. These two social psychologists have collaborated in pursuing this approach for over 30 years. Their lucid integration of a very large body of applied and basic research is of immense value for all those who are interested in attitudes and the prediction of behavior.”
–Alice Eagly, Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University
“This scientific guide to predicting human behavior arrives at an opportune moment. Never before have so many social issues demanded that we understand behavior change and get it right. This readable, rigorous, proven account will interest everyone interested in explaining and forecasting why people do what we do.”
–Susan T. Fiske, Professor of Psychology, Princeton University
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