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APPC to take part in new Penn Prevention Research Center

The University of Pennsylvania has been awarded a five-year, $4.35 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to establish a Prevention Research Center dedicated to preventing chronic disease and reducing health disparities in southeastern Pennsylvania. Leaders of the interdisciplinary PRC will come from various parts of the university including the Annenberg Public Policy Center, whose associate director Amy Jordan, PhD, will co-lead a section of the PRC devoted to disseminating cutting-edge tools and research to the academic, scientific, local health and news media communities.

The Penn Prevention Research Center is co-directed by Karen Glanz Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH, George A. Weiss University Professor and professor of epidemiology and nursing, and Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, professor in the department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy and Medicine in the Perelman School of Medicine and professor of health care management at The Wharton School.

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