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Alyssa (Allie) Sinclair is the Joan Bossert Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media (PCSSM) and APPC. She collaborates with Emily Falk and others at Penn to develop interventions to change beliefs and behaviors pertaining to climate change and health. Allie draws on her expertise in learning, memory, and motivation to design interventions that are informed by cognitive neuroscience. Her research interests include knowledge and belief updating, learning from error, risk communication, information seeking and sharing, and misinformation correction. To conduct this interdisciplinary research, Allie uses a combination of in-lab and online behavioral studies, functional neuroimaging, and large-scale online field studies. Prior to joining PCSSM, Allie completed a Ph.D. in Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke University and an Honours B.Sc. in Experimental Psychology at the University of Toronto. Outside of the lab, Allie enjoys rock climbing, video games, painting, and hiking.

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