Bruce Hardy, Ph.D.Department of Strategic Communication, Temple University

Bruce W Hardy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategic Communication at Temple University. Prior to joining Temple in July 2015, he held positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Louisiana State University. His research focuses on political, science, and health communication; knowledge acquisition, opinion formation, and behavior; emergent technologies and society; and advanced research methods. Dr. Hardy’s research has been published in numerous academic journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Public Opinion Quarterly, Journal of Communication, Communication Theory, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, and American Politics Research. His research has won national and international scholarly awards from the American Publishers Association, the International Communication Association, and the National Communication Association. Dr. Hardy is also a Distinguished Research Fellow with the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center.


    Stephen Colbert’s Civics Lesson: Or, How a TV Humorist Taught America About Campaign Finance

    Viewers of “The Colbert Report” who watched faux-conservative TV host Stephen Colbert set up a super PAC and 501(c)(4) organization during the last presidential election cycle proved to be better informed about campaign financing and the role of money in politics than viewers of other news channels and shows, according to a new study by researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center.