Changing the Climate

In 1996, during the Republican primaries, the chief executive officer of Titan Wheel International. Morry Taylor, stood side by side with Senator Bob Dole and argued that his credentials as a businessperson qualified him to be president. On the same stage was millionaire Steve Forbes. Neither Forbes nor Taylor had held elected office, neither had the traditional qualifications to serve as president, and neither was particularly charismatic or articulate. Yet each assumed that he was qualified and that the country would be interested in examining his case for the presidency. Why where there no women making a similar case?

The Morning After: The Effect of the Network Call for Bush

By the weekend following the election of 2000, two possible frames were available to the press covering developments in Florida. In the first, Gore had won the popular vote and the outcome in the electoral college was uncertain. In the second, Bush was ahead in the vote in the state that would determine the results in the electoral college and, as such, the presumed victor until Gore proved otherwise.