Health Communication

The Health Communication area of the Annenberg Public Policy Center addresses public awareness of health policy and health-related behaviors. The Center has sponsored or co-sponsored conferences on the impact of health information media campaigns on public health behavior and on the policy issues related to online consumer health information.

    More Gun Violence in Top PG-13 Films Than R-Rated Ones

    The amount of gun violence in top-grossing PG-13 movies has continued to exceed the gun violence in the biggest box-office R-rated films, according to an APPC analysis published in Pediatrics. PG-13 movies also usually feature gun violence without showing consequences such as blood and suffering, researchers said.

    The Importance of Relevant Emotional Arousal in the Efficacy of Pictorial Health Warnings for Cigarettes

    Warning labels for cigarettes proposed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were rejected by the courts partly because they were thought to be emotionally evocative but have no educational value. To address this issue, we compared three types of smoking warnings: (1) FDA-proposed warnings with pictures illustrating the smoking hazards; (2) warnings with the same text information paired with equally aversive but smoking-irrelevant images; and (3) text-only warnings.